About Us

Synairgy was founded by Israeli Air Force officers who came up with an outstanding idea and
began the journey of creating a startup whose goal is to realize the potential of commercial use of drones.

Who We Are

Tzahi Tzidki (CEO)

Ten years of experience as an Air Traffic Controller in the Israeli Air Force (Major); Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering

Moran Shemesh (CTO)

Former head of the program development team for the "Ofek" Unit of the Air Force (Captain). Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Asaf Kislev (Algorithms)

Former head of the algorithms team in the "Ofek" Unit of the Air Force (Captain). His algorithms can be found in every Air Force aerial defense system and in civilian control systems in Israel. Phd student in Mathematics, at Tel Aviv University.

Yossi Shavit (BizDev)

A senior business advisor and project manager at BGU's center for entrepreneurship. He founded a consulting firm, and teaches an academic courses relating to entrepreneurship and management. Bachelor's degree in Health System Management; MBA.

Our Board

Hanan Miron
Former CEO of Aurum Holdings Ltd, the technology investment fund of Mr. Morris Kahn. Previously held CEO and CFO positions within NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE), BackWeb Technologies and Schema.

Israel Livnat
Former President of NICE Systems Ltd. Security Group, CEO of ELTA and MALAM and VP of Israel Aerospace Industries.

Some Facts About Us

UAS Exporter

Technion's Accelerator Graduates

Biztech Award Won

#2 Place @ Biztec Entrepreneurship Competition.

Questions & Answers

We have researched regulation around the world and find out many countries that already regulated commercial operation of drones like - France, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel and more, while in USA, the regulation deals with agricultural use of drones will probably pass in 2015.
Our technology have been developed to enables commercial use of small unmanned aerial vehicles (up to 25 kilos) and for low altitude flight (up to 400 feet)).

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FAA Gives Amazon Permission to Test Prime Air Delivery Drones.

- NBC News, March 2015

DOT and FAA proposed a framework of regulations that would allow routine use of certain small unmanned aircraft systems.

- FAA, February 2015

Alibaba begins drone delivery trials in China.

- BBC News, February 2015

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